25 Best Customer Video Testimonial Examples To Attract New Clients

25 Best Customer Video Testimonial Examples To Attract New Clients

Trust is one of the essential aspects of your brand, and one of the best ways to generate that trust organically is through customer testimonial videos. Video testimonials play a crucial role in multiplying your reach and increasing sales. Video testimonials are a form of feedback from your customer, and as per research from Podium, 58% of people look at online reviews at least weekly.

A video testimonial is arguably the most powerful and personal form of online review. A video from your customer means that they are fully satisfied with the product or service and the complete experience, and so they are okay to associate with the brand publically. But how do you identify the best video testimonials from the ones you receive?

We’ve listed down what we think are the 25 best examples of customer video testimonials that will go a long way in building your brand and some of the most engaging video testimonials that have worked for top brands.

This video created by American Express doubles up as an explainer video of what their product is about and ropes in a high-level executive from First Advantage (client) for a video testimonial. The person testifying takes the audience through the advantages and benefits he has reaped from using American Express. This testimonial is an excellent example of how you, as a brand, can engage with your customers to highlight the various aspects of the product from their point of view.

Video testimonials that tell a story go a long way in capturing the attention of your target audience. You can see how Salesforce, as a product, helped Sarah in her journey of lifting herself up and then subsequently paving the way for others as well, creating a strong narrative that targets the audience’s emotional quotient. This is a great way to attract viewers and keep them hooked to the message you wish to propagate through your video testimonial.

Your target audience will want to know as much about your product/service before purchasing it. A video testimonial of your existing customer talking about how your product/service works and backing that up with tangible, digestible metrics goes a long way in creating a lasting impact in the minds of your viewers. This video testimonial for Cloudzero does just that by adding statistics and results, which makes it more compelling for the audience.

This video testimonial for Slack is actually an account from the agency that Slack had approached to create an introductory product video, for Slack’s own marketing of course! While the agency team was initially not too sure of why they would need Slack, when they started using it, they had a change of mind. This angle is surely quite unique and adds a different flavour to the testimonial. 

Apart from that it has so many elements that you could utilise in your own videos. First and foremost, it has more than one person testifying about the product and its uses while also coming off as fast-paced and light-hearted. It showcases how a product/service can be the go-to solution for people from all walks of life. This also highlights that opting for an unusual approach for your testimonial is not always a bad thing as long as it aligns with your marketing strategy.

ForeseeHome is a home-based monitoring service that helps customers to detect and prevent potential vision problems. This video testimony stands out because of how personal it feels. We’re told the patient’s full name and also get to venture into her home to hear her story. It also does a great job highlighting the other aspects of this program through the narration and the animation, which helps add another layer of context to the mind of the viewer.

This video covers a lot of ground for delivering a powerful video testimonial. Notice how it seamlessly transitions between shots of the product in use and clips of the co-founders talking about how HubSpot helped them scale their business. Also important to note is how the video cuts out the questions, thereby transforming the clients’ answers into a shining testimonial about HubSpot’s services.

People, business, statistics, story.

This video testimonial for Google Ads does a great job of delivering on all these fronts. It’s also worth noting how the video begins with some outstanding establishing shots that set the scene, followed by the introduction of the customer and business. The story of the business owner talking about his family history helps create an emotional connection with your target audience. This immediately gives your prospective customer a reason to keep watching, and the trust is then developed naturally.

This video is made engaging through its animations and voiceover from real customers who narrate their experience with the brand. Animations have a way of pinning your attention from the get-go, and this video executes that perfectly.

From a practical standpoint, too, this approach makes sense for a brand to take because it is much easier and a lot less expensive to create scenes with tornadoes and cars getting smashed in animation than in live action.

It is really important to remember that not all testimonial videos need to be in-depth to have an impact on the minds of your prospective clients. This animated video testimonial example uses positive elements such as the upbeat soundtrack, a simple yet effective style of animation, and the animated dog happily running along with the cycler. 

This again uses the voiceover of a real customer and ensures that the constructive elements of the animation style and the testimony for the brand hit the target audience in an encouraging light.

Zoom became an incredibly popular household name since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic – so much so that “to Zoom” is an entirely acceptable form of the verb!

Sonos is an audio equipment company with sites spread across the globe. For seamless communication, the brand needed an all-around solution that’d allow them to discuss projects and tackle problems in real-time. 

This superb testimonial uses a “behind the scenes” approach, giving the viewers a glimpse of how Sonos manufactures its products and how the teams work together across different time zones. People love taking a peek at how things are made by their favorite brands, so ask your client to show how they use your product/service to make their day-to-day operations easier.

This testimonial video for Dropbox puts the customer(s) in the spotlight, with each brand operating in a distinct industry, and explains how each of them has benefited from the Dropbox for Business service by Dropbox.

The video also features the logos of well-known companies across the world that use Dropbox: National Geographic, Kayak, and Spotify, among others. This is what the power of social proofing does. If you have a well-known client in your bag, make sure to leverage their presence in your video testimonials. This further reinforces the power of your brand in your target audience and does wonders for roping in new customers.

Featuring Tommy Nicholas, co-founder of Knox Payments, the premise of this video testimonial, which is just under a minute long, is incredibly straightforward yet powerful enough to have the desired impact: Codeacademy can change your life.

This video utilises the story of one single customer’s journey to inspire your audience. It has garnered 1.4m views so far, proving that your marketing content doesn’t need fancy editing or complex animations to rope your audience into your brand.

As a business, you need to understand what type of marketing approach will work for your brand and what wouldn’t. This video testimonial for Freshbook shows that the brand knew its strengths and played according to them.

It takes a practical approach and selects one customer to explain how the product helped her take care of her accounts so that she could focus on her main business. This also goes to show that simple and crisp customer video testimonials radiate honesty and thus connect really well with your audience.

This customer video testimonial works really well because it shows the Herschel team utilising Hootsuite to market their products on their social media. It also presents the viewpoints of various team members, giving a pretty extensive summary of how Hootsuite is used by every member of the organisation, starting from the Digital Marketer to the Managing Director.

Another aspect that was highlighted in the customer testimonial video was growth. It dwelled on how Hootsuite can essentially act as an additional team member if your marketing crew is not vast enough. Again, this is something that will be attractive to your prospective clients because it focuses on results and how it helps teams work effortlessly together.

Who doesn’t love a bit of quirkiness and eccentricity? Bringing that facet into your video will instantly appeal to your audience. This customer testimonial video is effective because we get to hear about a ton of features that magicJack offers while also learning about the customer. Where magicJack really knocked it out of the park with this testimonial example is they tell their viewers that Barry is a ‘wannabe, part-time actor‘ who plays random instruments that don’t really translate to increased sales, but the fact that they’ve highlighted how they care for their customers is bound to improve their sales.

TutorMing is a platform that teaches you how to speak Chinese. Learning a new language is often an extremely personal journey, and this video does a beautiful job of highlighting that journey of the customer.

You can see how happy the customer looks as he shares his experience with TutorMing and all the boons it brought to his life. The video testimonial also shows the customer using the platform in its various stages, and that is a really effective way of getting prospective customers to sign on to your platform and get started.

The main callout in this customer testimonial video is the beginning. It is absolutely essential to grab your audience’s attention in the first few seconds in a world where the internet is flooded by video content. This video has one of the members of the team interacting directly with the viewers while walking outdoors, which acts as an instant hook.

The rest of the testimonial is pretty straightforward, where they switch between the various team members talking about the diverse advantages of the product. Another callout about this video testimony is the ending. Just as the video starts in a very interactive way, it ends with a bang as well, where they showcase the clients holding a flag with the ChurnZero logo on it. The usage of visual cues apart from the people talking is a useful technique in keeping the attention of your viewers pinned to your video.

Using a high-profile client for a customer testimonial video is an outstanding method to gain credibility in the eyes of your audience. The video begins with a crisp animated intro that instantly creates an image of clever professionalism for the brand. The testimonial also does a great job of highlighting their own offerings in the market while also explaining the benefits of Databricks.

Another exceptional aspect of this testimonial video is how it features measurable metrics that provide tangible evidence of the ROI of the product. It’s always a good idea to dig up such impactful data for your brand if you intend to make a testimonial video.

Tuner School is the world’s first and only automotive technical school that is dedicated to teaching car enthusiasts how to modify and tune their cars. When you’re the ‘world’s only‘ of anything, you have already carved a niche market for yourself, and in order to attract customers from a wider section of society, an effective customer testimonial video really goes a long way in achieving that.

This is a really simple video testimonial featuring a tuner school graduate explaining his experience and his journey with the backdrop of his garage. The premise of this being a one-on-one conversation really helps drive the passion ahead, and it makes for an impressionistic watch.

Amazon Web Services is a platform that provides on-demand cloud computing solutions to any business that is in need of it. From individuals to businesses and governments, AWS has spread its wings across the business world.

This video testimonial again features a high-value client of AWS, Autodesk, in which Autodesk’s senior director is seen talking enthusiastically about how AWS has helped sustain and build their business. The way he animatedly moves his body around and how free-flowing the whole testimonial seems is a great indication to your prospective clients that you’re a business that treats its customers with care.

We’ve all known about Samsung being a tech powerhouse and a pioneer in the field of smartphones, but how many of us knew about Samsung Display Solution?

This video testimonial is all about a product in action. It shows how Samsung Display Solutions is lighting up the Superdry Norway store. The Superdry team members are quick to jump on to the benefits of the product and how it helps increase their visibility among prospective clients.

Another noteworthy aspect of the video is how it focuses on the result and the current standing of the store after the screens have been installed rather than the screens themselves, lending the way to building the perception in the minds of potential clients that Samsung Display Solution is a result oriented brand to work with and there is a premium feel in every result that they churn out.

The Century House is a wedding and events-hosting brand based in Latham, New York. Weddings are probably the most precious moments in a couple’s life. You’d know how credible a video testimony is just by watching it because there is no faking a testimony about something that holds such a huge space in your heart.

This video testimonial features five different wedding customers, and each one of them talks about how seamlessly their wedding was hosted by the company. It also allows the brand to showcase its ability to make every couple’s big day special that is unique to their taste.

The testimonial video also has striking visual elements. These visual elements offer a great deal of insight into the venue from the various photos of weddings that were acknowledged in it, thereby giving a sneak peek into their premise and the kind of service they provide to their customers.

This video testimonial has a great start and immediately pulls on our emotional thread. When you start with something as impactful as ‘One call changed everything’, it has the potential to keep your viewers hooked from the start and gives them a compelling reason to watch through it.

The testimony does an excellent job of narrating a true, heartfelt story utilising a simple storybook animation style. It takes it a step further by exercising the animated medium to deliver a customer testimonial that is thought-provoking, engaging, and ultimately shows the human aspect of the business. And, sometimes, that is all you need to draw in potential customers toward your brand.

Sometimes, when you’ve products with a price tag of £1.5 million, you’d need to build a certain level of customer trust for future clients to invest in your product, even if you’re a huge and well-known company like HP.

Juxtaposing your product or service shots with the speaker in the video is yet another impactful way of creating a video testimonial. And that’s exactly what this video testimonial by Nissan for Monday.com is doing.

This video testimonial is immense in bringing forward a host of customers to talk about the product, and it becomes hard to keep track of them all. While the proverb ‘too many cooks spoil the broth‘ would apply to this in normal circumstances, the customers mention actual figures when they talk about cost savings and reduced waste. This is guaranteed music to the ears of potential clients who’d want to know about digestible stats and how such a huge investment will help them grow their business.

Closing Thoughts

Video testimonials are an ideal method of ensuring that your current customers are really happy with your product/service and building a certain level of trust in prospective customers. It is also an excellent way to highlight the features of your product and the quality it brings to the table. The most important facet of this is that you put your client in the spotlight and let the quality of your product/service speak for itself through their experiences.

To learn more about how you can maximise the usage of video testimonials for your brand, contact our expert, and we will be glad to assist you in any way possible.


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